OTOS011: Who cares about LDS History?

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In this 2-part episode, the 3 of us hosts scratch the surface of some of the more indigestible topics from the early latter-days. We try to understand why these topics are triggering and hope to create a space where these topics are not taboo. Don’t forget to watch for Part 2! Additional Links from this episode: Mosaic Podcast FairMormon LDS …

OTOS010: Faith Transitions: Leaving Orthodox Judaism with Channi Brenner

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Join us as Michelle interview’s Channi Brenner, a former Orthodox Jew. Channi grew up in a very orthodox Jewish community but began questioning her faith as she got older. We discuss what it was like to grow up Orthodox Jew, why Channi ended up leaving her religion and the struggles she’s worked to overcome in her life post-religion.

OTOS002 – Faith Transitions: Moving on from Catholicism

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In this episode we will discuss the faith transition of Carlos Nobelza Posas. Carlos was born and raised in New Orleans where he was very active in the Catholic faith. He attended Catholic schools all through elementary and high school and became a campus minister when he was old enough. He believed deeply in the Catholic church until his Freshman …