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  1. As another millennial ex-mormon, this was a fun thing to listen to. So much to relate to, a lot of similar experiences and thoughts. There were a couple of interesting reminders that the church was such a different experience for older generations, I would like to hear more of your thoughts about that. Didn’t the church used to be more fun? More activities, more community, less rules, etc. Do you guys think that has contributed to rising numbers of disaffected millennials? I also appreciated that the hosts are all unique in their current affiliations with mormonism, some interesting perspectives.

  2. I was impressed with the extensive knowledge you three possess about the Bible, as well as the in-depth research you’ve done in order to understand your church the teachings, the practices, and the doctrine in order to develop your belief system, as you seek “your personal truth about life and our existence on this planet.”

  3. Thanks for listening, Hilary!

    And good question about the rising numbers of disaffected millennials (though I should note here that I’m hesitant to speak authoritatively about numbers. I’ll refer you to Jana Riess’ research re: “The Next Mormons” for a more robust treatment of the topic).

    I think you’re probably right that a focus on community/connection/fun (as opposed to a focus on rigid orthodoxy and “rules”) would be healthy, and would likely keep people engaged in the institution of the LDS Church for much longer. But I don’t think that that’s the only problem. I also don’t think that it’s a new problem, necessarily. As a culture, Mormonism has in general been obsessed with rigidly holding on to conservative interpretations of orthodoxy and orthopraxy since the McKay era (which is to say, since the era of “correlation”).

  4. Hi Julie! Thanks for listening! I will be posting them, from now on, on our Facebook page: ON THE OTHER SIDE: MILLENIALS AND RELIGION. And I’m working on compiling a back log so you can look at past fun facts!

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