About Our Podcast

The On The Other Side Podcast is a weekly, hour-long podcast. It is a diverse panel representing varied voices within the millennial religious experience who will discuss topics relating to their personal spiritual journeys.
Podcast Hosts - Michelle Ross, Chris Wei and Blake Wright
Michelle Ross

Michelle has a Bachelor of Science from BYU and a Master of Business Administration from Brandeis University.  She has worked in Healthcare Administration since graduating from Brandeis in 2009. Michelle took a break from her studies at BYU and served a mission to Barcelona, Spain from 2004-2005. She has lived in many places across the country such as Alaska and Boston and has traveled far and wide to places such as Bolivia and Japan. She hopes to visit all seven continents one day.

Chris Wei

Chris considers himself a “non-practicing universalist humanist progressive agnostic Mormon.” He got his B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy at Brigham Young University, and is currently working on his MFA in Film & Television Studies at Boston University. He has worked in a variety of fields, mostly involving education and/or mental health. He is deeply interested in culture and religion, and he has organized and edited an upcoming book project about theology and film.

Blake Wright

Blake has a B.S. in philosophy from the University of Utah. He is a commercial pilot and currently works as a utility arborist in Salt Lake City.